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Open a UK Bank Account - Personal or Business Accounts
Guaranteed regardless of any past credit problems

If you are looking for a Bank Account then Bank Accounts Compared will help - regardless of your credit history we will help you with a Personal, Business or even an Offshore Account.

Any form of Adverse Credit will severly restrict your ability to open a 'Normal' bank account, however just because you have been declined does not mean you cannot be helped, especially as we have GUARANTEED Accounts available for both Personal and Business Applicants.

UK Bank Accounts - Apply on-line by Clicking Here

UK Bank Accounts - Access to All the Usual Account Facilities.

One of the main issues you may have by opening a Bank Account will be having access only to the most basic functionality on offer, like only being able to pay money in and withdrawing cash at the branch, so NO Debit Card, NO Standing Order or Direct Debit facility, NO Internet Access and many of the other functions a 'normal' account offers.

By opening either a Guaranteed Account or a Managed Account you will have access to all of these features, meaning you will be able to operate your finances just like any other account found at the high street banks.

By Completing our UK Bank Accounts Application form here
You will be under NO OBLIGATION to proceed even after applying.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • EASY TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
UK bank accounts for individuals looking to open a basic bank account

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UK Bank Accounts - Open a bank account regardless of past credit problemsUK Bank Accounts - Open a new bank account regardless of any past credit problemsUK Bank Accounts - Open a bank account regardless of past bad o adverse problems

Bank Account Articles

Choosing the right bank account, especially if you have been refused or declined for a bank account application can be quite difficult, as there are a variety of options available, however there are a series of bank account articles available which may help to answer some of the questions you may have. An example of these can be viewed here...'Opening a Basic Bank Account with Bad Credit' or 'Basic Bank Accounts with No Credit Checks' 'Bank Accounts for People with Bad Credit' or Basic Bank Accounts UK

Supplementary Content
Please find within this section supplementary content to help you find the right bank account for your requirements.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance even if Bankrupt
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • EASY TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
UK Bank Accounts for poor credit rating individuals who need a No credit check bank account

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