Basic Accounts with Guaranteed Acceptance are intended for anyone who has been declined for an account because of their adverse credit ranking.

A Basic Account which generally provides the functionality of a normal high street account but without any credit facilities.

Basic Accounts can also be different in what it offers and to whom it offers it to, since some of them might only allow to you to deposit cash in over the counter and withdraw at the same branch, so whilst they offer you some sort of account, in reality unless you have access to things like a debit cards, Online banking, direct debits and many additional of the standard services a regular high street banks offer.

As there are no credit facilities with these basic accounts they do often come with a per month cost but that fee is often significantly cheaper than the repeated missed payment or over-draft costs added on regular high street accounts.

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Basic Accounts are additionally regularly related with individuals who have been refused by a high street bank or declined a regular high street account, together with those who have had serious credit problems.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • No Contracts & EASY TO OPEN
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
basic accounts with no credit checks and guaranteed acceptance


Applying for Basic Accounts can prove to be reasonably tricky if you have had a low credit history or some form of poor credit, so not all basic bank accounts will be readily accessible unless you select a no credit check basic bank account, that often provides a basic bank account despite of any past credit history problems.

What should you be searching for in a Basic Account?

Whilst the word Basic Account is extensively used, the bulk of these accounts are not basic and regularly can offer all the features of a standard high street bank but with no credit allowances, like an overdraft facility.

So although being a basic account you should still be able to pay in and withdraw at a high street bank, have the use of a debit card, be able to arrange direct debits or standing orders, have Internet access which will allows you to have full control over your money.

The long-standing form of basic accounts would only allow you to deposit in or withdraw money out over the counter of your local branch, so fortunately now, there are more solutions available meaning you can benefit from considerably more added features with a new basic account.

How might we help you open a Basic Account?

There are various alternatives now available, though we have teamed up with one basic account provider that we think to offer one of the best existing basic account that contains all the crucial features required - Click here to Set-up for a Basic Account or complete the Online Application Form below.

NO OBLIGATION - if you would like to chat to an adviser and make sure if a managed basic bank account will be suitable for your requirements, please complete the short form beneath and someone will telephone you back at a suitable time or please call 0845 269 7505 - you are under No Obligation to carry on and even if you do proceed, there are no contracts so you can leave at any time.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • QUICK TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
basic accounts online and basic bank accounts to open for those who need a basic bank account in the UK

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Basic Accounts Guarantees opening your new bank account, subject to proper Identification and there are NO CONTRACTS meaning you can CANCEL AT ANYTIME without penalty. A Pre-paid MasterCard® Debit Card is also included meaning you can only ever spend what you have and never get charged for being overdrawn or missing a regular payment.

Need a business bank account, then there are options currently available even if you have been declined elsewhere:

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Set-up fee - £225.00 + VAT

Basic bank accounts are suitable for those who have had a bad credit rating, an adverse credit rating or who have been refused a bank account or declined for a bank account application. If you have been declined a bank account or been refused a bank account recently we would suggest to apply for one of these bank accounts, however if you consider yourself to have a good credit rating, then we would suggest to apply first to one of the High Street bank account providers here then if you get refused or declined with that bank account application, apply for a managed bank account.

Business Bank Accounts
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