Bank Accounts for People with Poor Credit History.
Ideal for individuals who've been refused an account because of their credit rating.

These accounts ypically offer the functionality of a conventional bank account but without the need of a Credit Check.

Bank Account for People with Poor Credit History - Click Here to Apply

Opening a bank account with a poor credit history can be very difficult as every high street provider will always check your credit file during the opening process, so if there is anything there which shows you have had some problems in the past, you will almost certainly be declined.

So how can you open an account when you have a poor credit history?

To avoid being declined because of your past credit history, we will open you a new account which does not require a credit check, so even those with a severe credit problem can apply knowing they will be accepted.

These account do not offer any credit facilities so the need for a credit check is removed meaning as long as you can be identified, you will be accepted and that is GUARANTEED!

Bank Accounts for People with Poor Credit History - Apply online here

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Once opened these accounts offer nearly all the facilites of a regualr high street account including a Debit Card, Standing orders/Direct Debits, Internet Banking plus much more...

What should you be looking for in one of theses Bank Accounts?

These accounts are not basic and regularly offer all the features of a conventional high street bank but without any credit facilities, so there is no chance of going overdrawn as you will only ever be able to spend any cleared balance in your account.

How may we assist you open a Basic Bank Account?

There are numerous solutions currently available, though we have joined up with one basic bank account bank that we consider to offer one of the best available basic bank account that comes with all the necessary features needed - Click here to Apply for a Basic Account


  • Guaranteed Acceptance & No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • QUICK TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
Bank Accounts for People with Poor Credit History, bank account intended for those with bad credit


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