Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit.

Having any form of Bad Credit could stop you opening a new bank account however you do have options and we can help.

Why having Bad Credit will effect your Bank Account Application.

Almost everyone who has applied to open a bank account with bad credit will have been declined simply because their credit rating will have been checked during the opening process and as that will flag up any problems you may have had, the bank will instantly refused you.

The problem with this will then have an additional knock on effect as their refusal will then appear on your credit file, meaning other banks will also see and probably decline you too.

So how can we help with the opening of a bank account with bad credit?

As it is the information on your credit file which is stopping you open a high street account, we can offer you an account which Guarantees NO CREDIT CHECKS, so as long as you can be identified, your new account will be opened regardless of any past credit problems.

Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit and No Credit Checks - Guaranteed Approval

Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
FREE TO OPEN with No Contracts
Bankrupts, Bad Credit welcome
Online Banking, Standing Orders


As there are no credit or overdraft s with these accounts you can also be assured you will NEVER receive a penalty charge form your new bank - you can only spend what is in your account and no more.

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These accounts are often reffered to as Basic Accounts and only for those who have been declined a high street bank but they are in fact suitable for anyone who requires a bank account but does not want the chance of being penalised for going overdrawn..

Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit, bank accounts, low credit score, basic accounts with no credit checks and guaranteed intended for those with a low credit score
  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • FREE TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit and low credit score bank account intended for those with low credit rating


What must you be searching for in a Basic Bank Account?

Even as the word Basic Bank Account is widely used, the majority of these bank accounts are not basic and frequently can offer all the features of a conventional high street bank but with no credit limits, like an over-draft facility.

So regardless of being a basic bank account you ought to still be capable to pay in and withdraw at a high street bank, have the use of a debit card appended to the bank account, be able to set-up direct debits or standing orders, be able to contact to someone if you want to and have some form of Internet access which will give you complete control over your money.

The established kind of basic bank accounts generally only allow you to deposit in or withdraw over the counter of your local branch, so fortunately nowadays, there are extra options available meaning you could have numerous additional features with a current basic bank account.

How may we help you set-up a Basic UK Bank Account?

There are a range of accounts offered, although we have teamed up with one provider that we think to offers one of the best existing accounts available, includes all the main features required.

NO OBLIGATION & FREE ADVICE - if you would like to speak to an consultant and understand if a managed basic bank account will be appropriate for your requirements, please complete the small form below and a consultant will telephone you back at a convenient time or please call 020 3286 3929 - you are under No Obligation to continue and even if you did proceed, there are no contracts so you could close the account at any time.

Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit - Apply online here

Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit and bank accounts basic and basic bank accounts for those low credit score Opening a Bank Account with Bad Credit and bank account intended for those with low credit score who need to open for a basic bank account