eccount Bank Accounts, available for those who have been declined for an account because of a poor credit score or adverse credit rating.

Eccount offers a basic bank account which routinely provides the functionality of a standard high street bank, including the use of a Bank Card and Internet Banking for only £12.50 per month.

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An eccount basic account can also differ in what it provides as some basic accounts could merely agree to you to pay in over the counter and withdraw cash only at your local and specified branch.

As there are no credit facilities with the eccount basic bank accounts they do come with a £12.50 per month fee however that fee is regularly significantly less than the regular missed payment or overdraft expenses added on regular high street bank accounts if you go overdrawn.

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The eccount Basic accounts are often linked with individuals who have been refused a high street bank or declined for a standard high street account, however they are available for anyone who requires a new account.

Opening an eccount basic account can not be easier, especially if you have had a adversecredit history or some form of bad credit - simply click on the link below and your application will be processed immediately.

eccount bank accounts, open a basic bank account even with poor credit

Will I get a sort code and account number with the eccount Basic Accounts?

Yes, every basic account opened with eccount will get their own personal bank account number and sort code, so you can have money paid directly into your account almost immediately.

You will also be able to use your bank card, which like a debit card, will give you access to your money at all the cash machines, online and in store.

With no credit checks and no consideration given to any past credit issues, as long as you can be identifed, you can open a new basic acount with eccount.

eccount bank accounts, open a bank account even with bad credit
  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • FREE TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
eccount bank accounts with no credit check and poor credit score bank account intended for those with poor credit score

YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION - You are under No Obligation toproceed or continueeven after you complete the application form and yet if you do proceed, there are no contracts so you may cancel at any time.
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Current Basic Bank Accounts Guarantees your new bank account, subject to proper ID PLUS there are NO CONTRACTS meaning you can CANCEL AT ANYTIME with no penalty. A Pre-paid MasterCard® Debit Card is also included meaning you can only ever spend what you have and never get charged for being overdrawn or missing a regular payment.

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Step 2b - Previous Address (If less than 3yrs in current)
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