If You've got a Bad or Poor Credit rating and
need a new account, why not open a
No Credit Check Bank Account?

Applying for a no credit check bank account means any past credit problems will not effect your application like they will with a high street bank.

The biggest problems for anyone who has had a poor credit history is that as soon as they apply for anything in the world of finance, then their past is always checked to see if they have had any problems and if so, how severe.

When it comes to opening a new bank account, every single high street bank will thoroughly check your current credit file, meaning if there are any signs that you have experienced some problems, then you will automatically be declined, often without a specific reason.

So how can you open a bank account without them finding out your past credit problems?

In truth, if you apply for a high street account then you never will, as that will be one of the first things they will do before offering you a new account, so the time spent applying is almost wasted as you will know that you will be declined.

So what are your options? Can I open a No Credit Check Bank Account?

Thankfully there are options available, so spending your time trying to either cash your cheques through your friends or via the expensive cheque-cashing outlets will not be necessary as there are now basic bank accounts with no credit checks readily available.

They work on the basis that there will be No Credit available, either as an overdraft or loan but they will allow you to run your account just like a 'normal' high street bank account.

They will often come with a monthly charge levied around the £12.50 to £14.50 mark however unlike a high street account, they will not charge you for missed payments or going overdrawn (which as I just said, you couldn't anyway)

They all now come with Internet banking and more importantly a bank card which like a debit card, allows you to spend your money either in a shop, online or anywhere that shows either a Mastercard or Visa sign - so the fact that they are called 'Basic' is actually far from the truth and in fact, the only main thing missing from these accounts are cheque books, as these accounts generally will not offer one with any of their accounts.

How safe are the Bank Accounts with No Credit Checks?

Whilst they are not directly linked to any of the major high street names, they will all be covered under the same rules, so your money (up to around £50,000 per account) will be covered by the FSA, so your money, like that in the high street accounts, will be very safe and not at risk.

One other point worth mentioning is the fact that with a number of these accounts there are NO CONTRACTS, so if at any time you wish to close your account or mover it elsewhere, then you can simply close the account with no penalty, making it very flexible especially if you can improve your credit score and get a high street account for free.

So in conclusion, if you are declined for a high street account, don't despair, you can always apply for a No Credit Check bank account as this will be a sure way to get an account opened and ready to use almost instantly.

We have access to two such accounts, so apply here and we will process your application with the most appropriate provider - REMEMBERING there is NO OBLIGATION to proceed even after applying.

No Credit Checks Bank Account - Apply Online Here

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PLEASE NOTE: You are under no obligations at any time to complete the application process and there are no contracts, so you can CANCEL AT ANY TIME with no penalty.