Basic Current Accounts.
Designed for those who have been declined because of their adverse credit rating.

Basic Current Accounts offer the functionality of a normal high street account but without any credit facilities.

Can Opening a Basic Current Account help me if I've been declined?

Generally speaking when you apply for any basic current accounts the process avoids the need for a Credit Check as there are never any credit facilities available so if you can be identified, then your application will almost certainly be approved.

The facilities offered by these accounts will also vary in what it offers as some basic current accounts will only allow you to pay in and withdraw money over the counter which is not a great deal of help if you need make payments or manage your finances online. There are now, however, other accounts that offer all the main facilities offered by regular high street banks including Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Standing Orders & Direct Debits plus Telephone & Mobile Banking.

How can I get one of these accounts if I've been declined already?

This type of Basic Current Account is made available to anyone regardless of any past credit problems and as the application process avoids the need for a credit check, even those with a severe credit problem can still apply in the knowledge they will be accepted.

Even those who are bankrupt, been bankrupt or in an IVA will be accepted.

Most applicants can be identified electronically however occasionally you may have to produce a copy of a passport or driving license plus a current utility bill showing your address in order to complete the application process.

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What should you be looking for in Basic Current Accounts?

Although they are called Basic Current Accounts these new type of accounts are anything but basic as they offer nearly all the facilities of their high street counterpart. The two main things that these accounts DO NOT come with is an Overdraft Facility & Cheque Book - apart from that the facilities, including a Debit Card are included.

So despite being called a basic current account they often have all the functionality required in order to manage your finances on a day to day basis.

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How can we help you open Basic Current Accounts?

There are currently a variety of options available and we will process your application with one provider whom we consider to offer the best account which includes all the necessary features required - Click here to Apply for Basic Current Accounts

PLEASE NOTE: You are under NO OBLIGATION at any time to complete the application process and there are no contracts, so you can CANCEL AT ANY TIME with no penalty.

NO OBLIGATION - if you would like to speak to an adviser and see if a managed bank account will be suitable for your needs, please complete the short form below and someone will call you back at a convenient time or alternatively call 020 3286 3929 - you are under No Obligation to continue and even if you did proceed, there are no contracts so you can cancel at any time.

Open Basic Current Accounts and basic accounts for those with a credit problem looking to open a basic bank account
  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • FREE TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
Basic Current Accounts online and basic bank accounts to open for those who need a basic bank account in the UK

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