Business Bank Accounts
Open a business bank account even if you have been refused an account elsewhere.

Had credit problems but need a Business Bank Account?
Even if you have been declined already, we can help you open a Guaranteed Account regardless of any past credit problems.

Opening a Business Bank Account

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There are several options for opening a business bank account however it will depend on your current or past credit history which one will be the best option for you.

Good or Excellent Credit Rating: The Cheapest and best option for you will be to simply apply at one of your local High Street banks for a business bank account as anyone with a good or excellent credit history will normally be automatically accepted.

Slight Adverse or Poor Credit Rating: If you have any adverse activity on your credit file you will almost certainly be declined for a regular high street business bank account if you apply yourself, so will be left with either opening a Managed Business Bank Account or using a Bank Account Intermediary to help you open a high street account.

Severe Credit Rating: For those with a severe credit problem your options might be limited to opening a Managed Business Bank Account or an Offshore bank account.

So the best account for you and your business will almost certainly depend on your own circumstances as each account is very different, just like everyone's situation will be different.

UK Business and Corporate Bank Accounts

There are various different business bank account solutions available with each one offering a slight variation on the others, so simply ordering a 'Guaranteed' Buisness bank account might not actually help you in achieveing the account you ultimately require.

Some accounts will come with a cheque book, Internet banking and all the facilities found in a 'normal' business account, whilst others will come with a very basic cash card and no additional facilities, plus you might find yourself with an offshore account if opening one here in the UK has been deemed unavailable to you - so before simply applying we suggest you call us (on 020 3286 3929) and allow us to understand your particular circumstances before we make our recommendation.

With all of these accounts you must prepare yourself that some sort of fee will be applied, either as a one-off opening charge or an ongoing monthly charge, however as these charges are not too excessive, it would certainly help you get your account opened and your business a new bank account.

Each business bank account available is different and depending on your individual circumstances, will depend on which business bank account is best suited for you.

There are links with all the main high street business banks so you can be assured you will be dealing with a recognised brand and if you have had problems with any of them in the past, we will ensure your new business bank account will be with one of the others.

In order to help you find the right business bank account for your specific needs, we suggest you speak to a specialist business bank account adviser or alternatively complete the form by Clicking Here and someone will get back to you.

For any Guaranteed Business Bank Account phone 020 3286 3929 and speak to a business bank account specialist (No obligation)


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