Business Current Accounts
Open a new business account here, available even for those with a severe credit problem

If you have had credit problems and need a Business Bank Account then you may be declined, however we can help you open a Business Current Account regardless of any past problems.

Opening a Business Current Account

The opening process for a high street account is normally quite straight forward, however if you or any of the main principles of the business have had any credit problems, then your application will almost certainly be declined, leaving you with very few options.

We have access to a service which offers a Guaranteed Business Current Account allowing anyone, including those with severe credit problems, open a new company bank account.

All these Current Accounts will be with a recognised bank and include all the normal facilities like a cheque book, Internet banking, debit card and all the other regular facilities associated to a company bank account

Business Current Accounts - Apply Here or Call 020 3286 3929

Business Current Bank Accounts

There is a variety of options for a business current account depending on which type of account you require. If you are or have struggled to open a new account for your business, then we have the ideal solution with a Guaranteed Business Curent Account which will guarantee you the opening of a new account regardless of any past problems you may have had - Plus, if in the unliklely event you do not get your account, you will be refunded any opening fee paid.

For High Street Business Current Accounts - Call 020 3286 3929
Set-up fees range from £69.00 - £225.00 + VAT

guaranteed business current accounts and business bank accounts guaranteed to open
business current accounts guaranteed and guaranteed business current accounts regardless of any bad credit rating
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business current accounts and guaranteed business bank accounts even if refused a bank account


Each business bank account available is different and depending on your individual circumstances, will depend on which business bank account is best suited for you.

There are links with all the main high street business banks so you can be assured you will be dealing with a recognised brand and if you have had problems with any of them in the past, we will ensure your new business bank account will be with one of the others.

In order to help you find the right business bank account for your specific needs, we suggest you speak to a specialist business bank account adviser or alternatively complete the form below and someone will get back to you.

For a Business Bank Account please phone 020 3286 3929 and speak to a business bank account specialist (No obligation)

Business current accounts and business accounts guaranteed to open
business current accounts available regardless of any bad credit rating
guaranteed business current accounts even if refused by a high street bank
business current accounts even if refused a bank account