CardOne Business Bank Accounts
Open a Business Bank Account regardless of any Credit Problems.

CardOne offers a different type of Business Bank Account which is based on Identity and not any past or present credit problems you may have.

Opening a CardOne Business Bank Account

This new type of Business bank account is very easy to open and is not based on any credit checks, so makes it available for anyone who needs an business bank account, has a bonafide business and can be formally identified.

Any Credit Rating Accepted: The main reason why most high street banks decline applications is because of the applicant's credit rating being less than perfect, meaning even those with mildly adverse credit rating could still be declined. When applying for the CardOne Business Bank Account, your credit rating will not feature as any part of the application process meaning what ever your credit score or rating, you will still be accepted.

Suitable for all Businesses: The CardOne Business Bank Account is suitable for all types on businesses, so whether a Limited Company, Sole Trader or Partnerships, as long as any of the main principles of the business are UK residents, they will be able to apply.

Pay in Cheques or Cash: If your Business is reliant on taking cash and cheques, you can easily pay these in at any branch of Barclays Bank* with your new Card One Business Bank Account.

Need Some Advice, have some questions or wish to Apply?
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The best account for you and your business will almost certainly depend on your own circumstances as each account is very different, just like everyone's situation will be different, so speak to an adviser today who will explain your options based on your own circumstances.

Facilities Available with a CardOne Business Bank Account

The CardOne Business Bank Accounts offers nearly all the facilities a regular high street business account offers with the exception of a cheque book. As it is designed to be more of an on-line business account then you will be necouraged to accept the majority of your payments in electronically and either use your bank card of Faster Payments to make your own payments.

The Account includes your own Business Bank Card, Sort-Code, Account Number and full Internet Banking plus telephone and SMS support.

The account can be set-up in approx 3 days** once you and your business has been identified and cleared to complete the process with no credit checks.

Main Benefits of this account include:

No Credit Checks
Sort Code & Account number issued with every account
Company Debit Card
Full Internet Banking
Pay Cheques and Cash in at any branch of Barclays Bank
Withdraw upto £5000 a day in Cash
Plus much more...

For more information on the CardOne Business Bank Account
phone 020 3286 3929 and speak to an adviser now. (No obligation)

* A Maximun of £500 a week in cash can be paid into Barclayswith your special Giro slips and you may be limited on the number of cheques if they exceed or appear to exceed 10 in any one week.
** 3 days is the average time it takes to recieve your new sort code and account number, however that may be extended if you are required to supply additional supporting documentation to complete the opening process.