Open a Dominica Bank Account in a confidential offshore location.

The Island of Dominica has established itself as a popular offshore tax efficient location offering bank accounts for businesses and
offshore IBC company formations.

We can offer you a Dominica Offshore Bank Account for your business or overseas Company.

The key features of the Corporate & Business bank accounts in Dominica are listed below:

Dominica Offshore Limited Company Bank Account.

* Absolute confidentiality assured.
* Based in Dominica – Caribbean (*not to be confused with Dominican Republic).
* Internet banking available .
* Telephone and fax banking available.
* Full Visa/MasterCard debit card available.
* Confidential Nameless Cash Card available.
* SWIFT / IBAN available.
* Full multi-currency facility (Sterling / Dollars / Euros).
* Minimum opening deposit of US$5,000.
* Totally unaffected by any disclosure legislation changes within the European Union.

Dominica Offshore Ltd Company Bank Account
£269.00 + VAT

Please call 0845 474 2917 to order an Dominica Bank Account information pack or Apply below for further information (Strictly No Obligation)


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Dominica is fast becoming an established offshore bank account and IBC location. Open an offshore bank account in Dominica with an IBC for your offshore company Save tax and protect your assets in an offshore bank account in Dominica.


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