Guaranteed Company Accounts -
Open a new Account even if you have been declined already.

Opening a Company Account can prove to be very difficult if you have any credit problems, but we will help you with a Guaranteed Account.

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The biggest problem when looking to open a new company account is if any of the main principles have experienced any adverse credit, then it will immediately flag up with the bank you are applying to, meaning they will almost ceratinly decline your application.

This then has another knock-on effect as each time someoen checks your credit file it will leave a 'foot print' on your file, meaning subsequent orghanisations checking your credit file will see that you have already been declined, which could effectively warn them off too.

  • Guaranteed Company Accounts,
  • Available to all UK residents
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • QUICK TO OPEN & No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
guaranteed company accounts with no credit checks and guaranteed acceptance


Guaranteed Company Accounts - How we can Help.

If you have applied with one of the high street banks and been declined then you may feel your options are limted or severly restricted, however we will be able to help you as we have access to some services which offer guaranteed company accounts specially designed for businesses or individuals who have experienced some problems with their credit file.

If you telephone us and speak to one of our advisers, they will be able to help find a solution so that you can get your account opened ASAP.

For more information on the guaranteed bank accounts available call 020 3286 3929 or Click here for Guaranteed Company Accounts


Guaranteed Bank Accounts

For Personal Guaranteed Bank Accounts - Apply Here
(EASY to set-up, No Min Contract & monthly admin fee applies)


For Guaranteed Bank Accounts with a High Street Bank Call 020 3286 3929
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Guaranteed company accounts to open a UK business bank account apply online now
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Complete the Application form below, stating if you require a Personal or Business Bank Account and we will be in touch - There is No Obligation to proceed even after requesting further information.

PLEASE NOTE: With a GUARANTEED Bank Account you are under no obligations at any time to complete the application process and there are no contracts, so you can CANCEL AT ANY TIME with no penalty.

*The guaranteed personal bank account is a NO CREDIT CHECK bank account only open to persons aged 18 and over. Subject to ID verification. Conditions apply.