Guaranteed Company Bank Accounts.
Open a new account even if you
have been declined an account elsewhere.

We will help you open a Guaranteed Company Bank Account regardless of any Past or Present Credit problems.

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Opening a new company bank account can prove to be very difficult if you or any of the main principles of the business have experienced any credit problem.

As every high street bank will check the credit files of the business owners, the slightest problem could cause them to reject your application and in doing so will alert others too.

As a 'ffot-print' of the credit check will appear on your crdit file and subsequent applications will show that you have been refused already, making life double difficult if you need to open a new company bank account.

So, how can we open a new company account if we have probelms?

We will assess each application before deciding where your best chances are for opening a new account however if one or more of the principles of the business have had problems we would almost certainly recommend opening a Guaranteed Company Bank Account, as it avoids the dissapointment of being declined, plus it will save you a considerable amount of time, meaning you will get your account much quicker.

Our service includes initial consultation prior to final bank choice including the preparation of the necessary documents and the processing of your business bank account application including the submission to the relevant bank and any ongoing consultation or advice needed with the bank during your bank account opening procedure.

The service we aim to provide will ensure your new company account will be opened with one of the high street banks, giving you all the main service associated with these accounts - for example Internet Banking, Branch Network Access, Direct Debits, Company Debit Card plus much more.

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The service of opening company bank accounts is very comprehensive and regardless of the type of business you are, we will be able to help and arrange a new company bank account - organisation including PLC's, Limited Liability Partnerships, Guarantee Companies, Charitable Companies, Unlimited Companies and Sole Traders.

Your new Guaranteed Company Bank Accounts willgenerally include the following benefits:

  • Issued by UK High Street Bank.
  • Cheque Book Issued (May not be available immediately in severe adverse credit cases)
  • Standing Order & Direct Debit Facility.
  • Paying in book
  • Telephone & Fax Banking Available.
  • Subject to Status (A/C Also Available with Adverse Credit).
  • Choice of Lloyds TSB, NatWest, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland, Santander, GiroBank, Yorkshire Bank.

Arrangement fee £225.00 + VAT (Guaranteed 100% & Refunded if unsuccessful)

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Call 0845 474 2917 or Apply Below for an information pack on all of these services.

The bank account intermediary who offers this service is an FSA ( registered company and as such will need to do a 'know your client" check on you during their opening service and as such you will be fully protected by the relevant FSA regulations regarding this service.

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