Offshore Personal Bank Accounts are a possible bank account solution if you have been declined or refused for a UK bank account.

There may be some circumstances whereby it will not be possible to open a UK bank account, so opening an offshore personal bank account could be your only option.

Over the years only the super rich or very weatly individuals would open an offshore bank account however they are now more readily available for those who struggle to open a bank account in the UK.

There are various offshore bank account options including a Belize Offshore Bank Accounts, Cyprus Offshore Bank Accounts, Tanzania Offshore Bank Accounts, Dominica Offshore Bank Accounts, Isle of Man Offshore Bank Accounts, Swiss Offshore Bank Accounts plus an Offshore Bank Account offered by Barclays Bank, however not all of these may be suitable for you as they each have their own pros & cons.

The main reason why an Offshore Personal Bank Account might be more suitable could be it will probably not involve running a credit check on you, as they will not be too concerned with any past credit problems you may have had, especially as they will not be offering any credit facilities.

Many of the Offshore Bank Accounts will come with Internet banking plus a linked Debit Card, allowing you access to your money should you wish to buy online, in store or withdraw money like any other debit card.

How can I choose the right Offshore Bank Account?

You can easily contact a different bank in each different country to see which one will work best for you, however we would suggest contacting or speaking to a specialist Offshore Bank Account intermediary who will be able to assess your own personal circumstances before deciding upon which offshore jursidictioon will be best for you, as choosing the wrong offshore personal bank account could cause you additional problems if you wish to keep the bank account totally confidential.

If you would like to speak to a specialist Offshore Personal Bank Account, please call 0845 269 7289 or complete the application form below and one of our advisers will be happy to discuss what
your best options are and how the opening process works.

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An offshore bank account can be opened in a variety of offshore locations depending on your requirements
Chose the right offshore bank account to help save you money or tax and protect your assets offshore.
An offshore bank account is available to those who have been declined or refused in the UK, even if you have been bankrupt.


PLEASE NOTE: You will be under NO OBLIGATION at any time to complete the application process so please feel free to speak to someone before making any final decision.

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Remember there are No Credit Checks!


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