Personal Bank Accounts available for those with a perfect credit record to those who have
been declined and are struggling
to open a new bank account.

Having access to personal bank accounts is now an essential part of modern life, especially as salaries, payments and daily financial transactions all need a bank account to function, but opening a bank account is not always as easy as it seems.

The majority of those who require a bank account can apply for one of the High Street Bank Accounts where you can apply for a Santander Bank Account, a Nat West Bank Account, an RBS Bank Account or an HBSC Bank Account however as each one will perform a credit check, if you have had any credit problems, it may be your bank account application may be declined or refused, meaning you will not be able to open your new bank account.

Should you be declined a bank account or refused when applying for the bank account, your options may well be dramatically reduced, as other banks will know you have been declined and may well too decide to reject your bank account application.

If this were to happen, there are alternative options available which will allow you to enjoy full banking facilities but without the need for a credit check. As there is no credit check, any past credit problems or adverse credit history will not affect your bank account application.

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  • Guaranteed Acceptance even if Bankrupt
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • EASY TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
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Why would someone offer a bank account without running a credit check? Well, as they will not be offering any credit facilities, like an overdraft or credit card, then they will not need to think of you as any risk as there is no chance they will be effectively 'lending' you any money, so any past credit problems really don't matter.

There are a number of options available for a no credit check bank account with each one offering banking facilities allowing you to accept payments (like your weekly or monthly salary) set-up direct debits & standing orders, Internet banking plus a debit bank card allowing you to spend money in store, online or withdraw at all the major ATMs around the world.

One other major feature of these bank accounts is there are NO LATE PAYMENT FEES OR PENALTY CHARGES even if you do miss a payment, so unlike many of the high street bank accounts who will charge you if you go overdrawn, you will never be charged for a missed payment.

So for those with a GOOD CREDIT RATING - Apply for a High Street Bank Account

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