New Accounts available for those who have been Refused a Bank Account because of a bad credit ranking.

Being Refused A Bank Account can make life very difficult but there is an account which usually provides the functionality offered by a usual high street bank except without any additional credit facilities or the late payment or penalty charges!

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No Credit Checks with Guaranteed Acceptance,
FREE TO OPEN with No Long Term Contracts
Bankrupts, Poor Credit or those Refused before accepted
On line Banking, Standing Orders Plus much more...

Even if you've been refused a bank account due to a bad credit rating you can apply for Bank Accounts with No Credit Checks and Guaranteed Approval

  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • QUICK TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
Refused a Bank Account with bad credit rating and guaranteed bad credit basic bank accounts


Applying for a new Bank Account having been refused because of your bad credit rating may mean not using a high street bank but applying for a slightly different account. The new type of bank accounts for those who have been refused provides almost the same bank account service and to whom it offers it to, for example certain basic bank accounts might merely allow you to deposit in over the counter at a high street bank and take out money only, whilst there are at the moment additional basic accounts offering things such such as debit cards, Internet banking, direct debits and many additional of the ordinary services high street banks offer.

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As there are no credit allowances with these basic accounts they do often come with a modest monthly fee nevertheless that cost is frequently a good deal lower than the habitual missed payment or overdraft charges added on normal high street bank accounts.

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Being Refused a Bank Account is additionally often connected with those who have been declined a high street bank or refused a ordinary high street bank account, including those who have had a bad credit rating.

Opening a basic account can prove to be very complicated if you have had a adverse credit history or some form of severe credit, so not all basic accounts will be readily accessible except you apply for a no credit check basic bank account, that often offers a basic bank account despite of any prior credit history problems.

What must you be searching for in a Basic Bank Account?

Even as the word Basic Account is commonly used, the majority of these accounts are not basic and frequently can offer all the features of a standard high street bank but without any credit facilities, like an over-draft facility.

So although being a basic bank account you must still be capable to pay in and withdraw at a high street bank, have the use of a debit card linked to the bank account, be able to arrange direct debits or standing orders, be capable to talk to someone if you want to and have some form of Internet access which will allow you full control over your funds.

The long-standing sort of basic accounts generally only let you to deposit in or withdraw over the counter of your local branch, so thankfully nowadays, there are extra options accessible meaning you may benefit from a lot of more functionalities with a modern basic bank account.

How can we help you arrange a Basic UK Bank Account?

There are different alternatives at present offered, though we have teamed up with one basic account provider that we think to provide one of the best available basic bank account which contains all the indispensable features needed - Click here to Set-up for a Basic Account or complete the Online Bank Account Application Form below.

Being refused a bank account, even for those with a bad credit rating, does not mean to say you cannot open a bank account as there are some alternatives available and with guaranteed acceptance you can be certain to have a new bank account regardless of your past credit problems.

NO OBLIGATION - if you would prefer to talk to an consultant and understand if a managed basic bank account will be suitable for your requirements, please click this link and a consultant will call you back at a convenient time or alternatively call 0845 269 7505 - you are under No Obligation to continue and yet if you do proceed, there are no extended contracts so you can close the account at any time.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance, No Credit Checks
  • Internet Banking, Standing Orders
  • EASY TO OPEN with No Contracts
  • Bankrupts, Adverse Credit welcome
Refused a Bank Account  for having bad credit rating and guaranteed bad credit bank accounts


Despite having been declined elsewhere you can still apply for a basic bank account whether you are an individual looking for a personal guaranteed bank account or a business looking for a guaranteed business bank account - For Business Bank Accounts please see below.



...for a Guaranteed High Street BUSINESS Bank Account Call 0845 474 2917
(Opening fees apply, no monthly admin fee)

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