Santander Everyday Current Accounts, how to open a Santander Everyday Current Bank Account details
Santander Everyday Current Accounts

Santander offers an Everyday Current Bank Accounts which offers a range of features and benefits listed below.

The main features of the Santander Everyday Current Accounts are listed below:

What you get with the Everyday Current Account:

• A simple and straightforward current account that helps make managing your money easy and convenient.
• A free Arranged Overdraft for 4 months when you switch to us (depending on circumstances). See representative example.
• Overdraft matching service: When you switch we'll also match your previous overdraft up to £5,000 (depending on your circumstances).
• Dedicated Switcher Service. It's important you feel confident in moving your main current account to us. Our Switcher team will do most of the switch for you, making the process really easy, and we'll keep you informed along the way. Click here for full details.
• Easy access to your account 24 hours a day with our internet and phone banking service. Plus you have access to over 1,300 Santander branches.
• This account does not pay any interest on your in-credit balance.
• To apply: You must be aged over 18 and live permanently in the UK.

Santander Everyday Current Accounts, how to open a Santander Everyday Bank Account details

Santander Everyday Current Accounts, how to open a Santander Everyday Current Bank Account details

bank accounts apply for a Santander Everyday Current Accounts online 

bank accounts apply for a Santander Everyday Current Accounts 

Santander Everyday Current Accounts, apply for a Santander bank account online 

Note 1: We will not pay you interest on any amount over £2,500, or on your whole balance if you do not make the required monthly payments of £1,000. Our preferential interest rate is only paid out if you pay in £1,000 per month. Please note this is not a calendar month, it is in the month from the date of your account being opened. For example, if your account was opened on the 7th, you must pay £1000 in each month between the 7th and 6th of the following month, every month to qualify.
£100 offer: You are not eligible for this offer if you currently hold, or have held in the past three months, any Santander UK, Alliance & Leicester, cahoot and Cater Allen current account. Offer is only open to customers accepted for a Preferred, Reward or Premium current account. £100 will be paid into your new account within 3 months of account opening providing you have at least two active direct debits or standing orders (paid at least once) set up on the account within 11 weeks and have paid in at least £1,000 each month. If you do not have any active direct debits or standing orders to switch you will not receive £100. Limit of one £100 switcher account per person. £100 offer available until 11 September 2011.

Rates and information correct as at 4 July 2011.

AER stands for annual equivalent rate and shows what the interest rate would be if we paid interest and added it to your account each year. The gross rate is the interest rate we pay before income tax is taken off. Rates may change and we pay interest each month.

EAR stands for Effective Annual Rate and represents the yearly cost of an overdraft, which takes account of how often we charge interest to the account, and does not include any other fees or charges. Overdrafts depend on your circumstances and you must repay any overdraft when we ask in line with our General Terms and Conditions.

Bank Accounts available from Santander include the Santander Preferred Current Account, Santander Everyday Account, Santander Premium Bank Account and the Santander Reward Current Bank Account.

All the bank account details listed here are subject to change without notice and we accept no responsability if the information quoted here,all bank account information is correct at the time of publishing this website - this website is for information only - for current information on this Santander bank account or to apply for a Santader Everyday Bank Account please apply directly to Santander by clicking here and completeing their Everday Bank Account Application form.

Santander Everyday Current Accounts how to open a Santander Everyday Current Bank Account details